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Nearly any project that has to do with electroncis.  Most projects will be described in a fair amount of technical detail.

A3982 Stepper Driver

A3982PCBA 1024

When building a CNC mill, a quick and inexpensive method of driving the steppers was required.  Several different stepper driver boards are available, but all seem to be in the range of at least $10-$15 per board, although they have

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CNC Controller Board (revB)

cncControllerB PCBA4

Our CNC Controller has been build up and testing has commenced!  This revision has several improvements over revA (which was never fabricated).  Here’s a quick feature-set: integrated stepper drivers current selection via inexpensive single turn pots automatic idle current cutback

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CNC Controller Board

stepperDriveRenderIso5 withSpot

As noted in the second portion of how NOT to build a CNC mill we reference the need for a new controller board.  This board is designed to interface with EMC2 over a parallel port.   Desired Features integrated stepper

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Robotic Diaper Cake


Our friends over at J&A Photography came to us with an interesting proposition – a robotic diaper cake. . .we were all ears! The concept was an “over the top” diaper cake that had fish rotating around it. Later there

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Constant Current Source


Having the capability to source or sink current can be a really useful when dealing with several aspects of electronics – from easily driving LED’s to putting a load on a power supply or driver. We’ll cover exactly why you

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